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      High Quality Markers and paints from Japan

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      Zig when everyone else is zagging

      Meet the Zig Family

      Zig Calligraphy

      Designed specifically for those who love the art of writing. Each is double sided for calligraphic writing in 2mm and 5mm tips. Water-based pigmented ink.

      ZIG Brushables

      Ideal for hand lettering with highlights and shadows. Each has twin brush tips with a popular color on one end and a slightly lighter version of that color on the other end. Water-based pigmented ink.

      ZIG Clean Color f

      Ideal for scrap booking and other keepsakes that will stand the test of time, each has a fine point on one end and a marker tip on the other. Water-based dye ink.

      ZIG Clean Color Dot

      0.5mm fine tip on one end and a unique dot tip on the other end that allows you to easily draw dots by pressing the dot tip onto paper. The harder you press, the bigger the dot! This marker is ideal for dot decorations or bullet pointing to-do lists. Water-based pigmented ink.

      Kuretake Fude pens

      Designed to imitate the aesthetic and weight of the traditional calligraphy brush. Use them to create beautiful lettering with water-based pigment ink. Available in a variety of brush tip sizes.

      ZIG Calligraphy Pen

      These water-based dye pens are ideal for writing music notes and are available in three point sizes and two different tip angles.

      Kuretake Gansai Tambi

      A pigmented traditional Japanese watercolor paint that is designed for both professional artists and crafters. It can be used as a gouache or watered down to use as a watercolor. These are ideal for sketching, illustration, card making, and more.

      Made in Japan and available for you in North america

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