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      Sailor Compass Series

      High quality Writing instruments made in Japan

      BUY NOW

      Steel nib fountain pens, and more

      Japanese quality writing instruments

      Bottle ink compatible

      A Rainbow Of Colors Available

      Japanese Steel Nib

      Meet The sailor compass family

      Sailor Compass 1911 Steel Fountain Pen

      A fountain pen with a stainless steel, medium-fine nib, silver trim, and available in ten transparent colors. Comes with a color matched ink converter and two black ink cartridges.

      Sailor Compass Color-Matched Converter

      Available in nine colors, you can mix or match converter colors with your Sailor fountain pens.

      Sailor Compass ink Cartridges

      Available in six beautiful colors, these ink cartridges are designed to fit all Sailor fountain pens.

      Sailor Shikiori Markers

      Modeled after the famous Sailor Shikiori fountain pen inks. Each dye based marker is double-sided with both a fine tip and a brush tip. Markers can be purchased individually, or a box set of all 20 colors.

      Ready For compass to guide you?