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      Meet Sammy!

      Sammy absolutely loves pens and stationery. He first fell in love with these categories when he spent time in the cold waters around Japan when he was a young squid, and he saw how much joy that pens and stationery brought to everyone. As Sammy grew older, global currents took him around the world, and he now resides in the warmer coastal waters around the USA. He decided that he would create a website to offer Americans all of the great pens and stationery products that he saw while swimming around the world.

      Sammy has personally selected each and every product that is offered on Squid's Choice. Remember, he does have 8 arms, so he is able to try things out faster than any human! More product comparison features and reviews are coming soon, but in the meantime, Sammy likes it when you send him suggestions for new products to try!

      Sammy has created Squid’s Choice with the help of his friends at Itoya ProFolio, a Los Angeles based company that has been designing, creating, and selling stationery products, office supplies, art supplies, and photo albums since 1976. Today, Itoya ProFolio is best known for the Original Art ProFolio, a presentation book for photos, documents and artwork which comes in a variety of sizes. Over the years, Itoya ProFolio has evolved to also be a distributor of your favorite stationery and office supplies from around the world.

      Sammy hopes that Squid’s Choice can become your favorite one-stop-stationery-shop!