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      Hand Painted Covers Make Each One Unique

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      The Hardcover Notebook that wows


      Fountain pen friendly

      Premium Korean Paper

      Lay-Flat binding

      Notebooks with hand silkscreened covers

      All of the features you desire

      Fountain Pen Friendly

      Mulberry Bark Paper

      Lay-flat binding

      Meet the Hanaduri Family

      Hanji Book Collection

      Beautiful covers designs that are silkscreened by hand, which makes each notebook unique and one-of-a-kind. Available in several different colors, two sizes and two different paper patterns.

      Hanji Book Graphics

      Simple graphic designs are hand silkscreened on each cover. The smaller A6 size has a nice thickness with 144 pages.

      Hanji Book Passport

      Small, pocket-sized notebooks available in three colors. Each cover is hand-silkscreened.


      Each Gugimfolio is a unique work of art. The covers are hand-painted, ensuring that no two are ever the same. Contains a replaceable notebook of high-quality fountain-pen friendly paper.

      Brighten up your day with Hanaduri

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