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      ProFolio For Collectibles

      Protect your valuable collectibles

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      Posters and comic books rejoice

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      ProFolio Poster Binder

      The Poster Binder’s 24” x 36” pockets are designed specifically to hold your collectible music posters, movie posters, artwork, and photography. Each pocket includes a large 24”x36” sheet of black, acid-neutral paper sourced in Europe to ensure your posters and artwork are archival safe.

      Art Profolio for Comic Books

      The Art ProFolio for Comic Books is designed to hold 12 bagged and boarded current and Silver Age comic books. Each inside clear pocket is built with a patented gusset design that automatically expands when a comic book is inserted into the pocket. The pockets have special welds on the inside edges so that each page turns perfectly like a book, making it a breeze to showcase your comic collections.

      Your Collectibles are counting on you

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