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      Designed in Japan

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      Put the fun in functional

      Meet the punilabo family

      PuniLabo Zipper Pouches

      The perfect companions for those who love taking their art supplies and stationery on-the-go. Designed with flat bodies, these pouches are ideal for storing washi, scissors, stickers, small notebooks, and any other crafting items you need by your side.

      Punilabo Lying Down Zipper Pouches

      Perfect for artists who use coloring pencils, markers, brushes, or even calligraphy pens. Each one of the long-bodied varieties is perfect for keeping paint brushes, long markers, coloring pencils, or even toiletries together in a bag or desk.

      Punilabo stand up pen case

      Perfect companions for any stationery lover. With 10 cute animal styles to choose from, you can easily carry your favorite pet with you wherever you go. Each animal pen case can be zipped closed for easy transportation, and transformed into a pen cup to hold your favorite pens and pencil upright on a desk when you’re ready to use them.

      Kids and adults now agree on punilabo

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