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      Designed in Japan

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      Bring more smiles to your workspace

      PuniLabo is without a doubt the cutest company that we’ve met yet. With springy-softness in every product, and smiling creatures on every surface, it’s a fact that these are made to aww-dorable perfection. Watch the video here to see these products in action.

      Adults and kids agree—these products are for everyone.

      Meet the PuniLabo family

      PuniLabo Stand Up Pen Case

      Sometimes, classic is best. And what is more classic in the creative world than an old cup you use to store all your brushes, pens, pencils, markers, and more? PuniLabo took a classic idea and added a modern spin with this portable Stand Up Pen case! It stores everything you need and gives you a portable way to reach for your favorite supplies. 

      PuniLabo Slim Key Case

      The PuniLabo Slim Key Case makes grabbing your keys easy with three clips for three keys inside these adorable silicone cases. 

      PuniLabo Zipper Pouch

      With silky softness and enough room for scissors, washi tapes, and small notebooks, this charming pouch is ready to add some cheer to your office, classroom, or studio. It’s also the perfect size to use for makeup, and because it’s made of silicone it’s 100% washable!

      PuniLabo Pen Stand

      I don’t know about you, but I hate it when I lose my pen on my desk. There’s just too much going on! Paper flying about, markers rolling around… Okay maybe that’s just my desk--but still. What’s not to love about a sturdy, sweet little desk friend who keeps track of your favorite pen so you don’t have to?

      PuniLabo Scissors

      Punilabo scissors solve the problem of portability in a single twist. All you need to do is push the scissors closed, place them in their sheath, and lock them in. They’re designed with a spring that makes cutting a breeze. Pack up your projects and toss in a pair of Punilabo scissors so you’ll never be without them. 

      Punilabo Lying Down Zipper Pouch

      Lying Down Zipper Pouches are just the right size to keep your pens, pencils, and markers in one spot in your go-bag. They’re compact, with a top-loading zipper that makes them great for smaller spaces like coffee shop tables and airplane trays. Grab one of these dainty pouches and see for yourself just how great they really are.

      You're going to love PuniLabo

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