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      ProFolio Oasis Notebooks

      Designed by notebook lovers, for notebook lovers

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      Your New Favorite Notebooks

      Designed to be your favorite everyday carry

      Fountain Pen Friendly

      Premium Japanese Paper

      Lay-Flat Binding



      Space Text Properly

      • Each line has three sub-guidelines

      • Combine capital letters and lower case letters to create beautiful sentences

      Draw Charts Easily

      • Combine vertical and horizontal guidelines to create grids.
      • Perfect for drawing charts in mathematics and science classes.

      Line Up Text Vertically

      • Each line has a vertical guideline as well

      • Line up paragraphs neatly every time

      Meet the Oasis Notebook Family

      Oasis Notebook

      The ProFolio Oasis Notebook was designed to make the hard choice of “which journal” much easier. The high-quality fountain pen friendly paper features a unique combination of dots, grids, and lines that makes this notebook ideal for many uses.

      Oasis Summit

      We have taken everything we have learned making notebooks and applied it to the Oasis Summit notebook. Featuring two fabric bookmarks, three full pages for the index, and 252 numbered pages, you'll never lose your place.

      Oasis Light

      At a lighter weight than other comparable journals, the Oasis Light makes carrying around several notebooks not only bearable, but nearly unnoticeable. With seven different colors, it is easy to manage many notebooks and differentiate them quickly.


      Notebooks to help you achieve your goals